Sampra-da means ' to offer ', to give or deliver wholly over, in Sanskrit. It also means ' to consult ' in another.
This fundamental spirit of ‘giving’ is rooted in the origins of creation of Samprad, and what we believe is our offer to those who consult with us. We have made a sincere and humble effort to capture the essence in what we deliver in our services.
Business Development Advisory
We look at business development as an integrated, cohesive effort that enhances shareholder value. So we help our clients to find new revenue streams and sustain its growth longer by making necessary changes on strategy, organization, operations, technology, value relationships and if necessary, seek mergers & acquisitions. We help our clients to
Create New Revenue Streams
Develop New Revenue Models
Craft Deal Win Strategies
Strategic Pricing
The pace of market dynamics is compelling businesses to come up with winning prices at break-neck speed.  Even if the knowledge were mostly right when the strategy is set, it is almost instantly obsolete. We have developed packaged offerings to help you build your capability to utilize pricing effectively by:
Sustainable Profitability
Revenue & Financial Modeling
Pricing Research & Services
Professional Services
Business development initiatives often require dedicated resources in planning, research, analysis, technical writing, solution designing, modeling, information technology implemen- tation and project management for different types of projects. We help to enable quick launch and results in
Market Development Research
Solution Analysis & Design
Program Management
We help you
Expand markets.
Increase Sales.
Create new profitable revenue streams.
Pricing for sustained profitability.
Lower and/or manage your risk efficiently.
Examine other ways to leverage existing assets.
Develop ways to expand value relation-ships.
Managing Your Blues with Blue Chips
Pricing Survey Results Summary
Interview with IERG
Process Differentiation for Competitive Advantage
Leadership through Difficult Times
Samprad Survey 2010 Pricing Outlook Results
Case Studies
New business model for a large garment chain. Market capitalization $ 50M
Turnaround of an Outsourcing group.
Repeatable process for lead conversion for a financial technology software product firm
Strategic road-map for an IT consulting firm to build a health care BPO
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