About Us

Envision possibilities ... Enable business growth ... Enhance economic value


SAMPRAD is a growth strategy consulting firm. We are a nimble, small team of experienced and versatile consultants. This allows us to adapt to our client's needs and as the engagements evolve.

We focus on business development advisory and capability building with practices built around THREE core propositions to assist our clients depending on the specifics of any given situation. So we have created three focus areas:


Samprad Digital

Samprad Professional Services

Samprad Academy

Our Learning

We have spent years working with the deepest thinkers, innovators and leaders at the intersection of business and technology.

Over two decades, we have walked through significant roles of business development and strategic growth for a broad-spectrum of companies (Start-ups, Multinationals, Fortune 50 and the Big 4).

We have learnt how to embrace “strategic agility” as a prime means of sustenance and growth to help our clients stay abreast of emerging technologies, societal trends and technological innovations. We brainstorm, challenge beliefs and assumptions. We bring divergent ideas into useful focus.

SAMPRAD has the experience of developing business solutions for a number of disparate industries and verticals. Our team has gleaned insights from the various intricate business processes and their cascading impact on business results. This experience of ours across industry domains is a source of strength. This helps us leverage our experience effectively for business transformation endeavors.

How we work

We have a passion for being ENABLERS for business development. This commitment drives everything we do for our clients. We deliver through multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the most relevant expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We endeavor to provide strategic assistance to develop and execute business and market development initiatives that eventually pave way to sustained growth and profitability.

We work as an integrated team, combining our expertise from varied industries in business transformation, digital capabilities, and holistic intelligence for business development, revenue modeling together with our IT professional services to deliver a unique perspective and business results for our clients.

We help a broad spectrum of businesses and industries to provide innovative solutions for companies when they wish to develop their business to the next growth levels.