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April, 2020:

The Pandemic and path forward


The Carona virus pandemic has changed our lives in multiple ways. Initially, it was anxiety, then fear, and adjustment followed by adherence to guidelines, and so on. But along the way, it is also disrupting to create a ‘new normal’.

Yes. New normal. But little do we know yet what and how’s that going to be. And there isn’t an ascertained view, strategy or a roadmap yet. Notwithstanding the knowledge of changing dynamic and apparent consequences, what’s imperative is our mindset of how we perceive it now and for the future.

I share my thoughts here to help businesses heal and move forward in this crisis situation.

Acceptance: It’s hard. But businesses around the world must come to agree and reconcile to unprecedented moves – for example, consider – a balance sheet with 6 or 9 months (instead of 12) of real economic activity for the year 2020. Suppliers adjust to revised payment terms. Employees must be as fair as needed. Avoid benchmarking. Everyone does their bit.
Resilience: A fundamental need to survive and thrive. Tweak competences (not just skills and desires) with poise to develop ‘learnability and learning agility’. Learn and unlearn to follow the “Reset Switches” and adapt to swim through new business ecosystems and stay well-positioned to acquire new capabilities – both for digitally-led business models and employee mindset built on a decentralized and trusted operating models. Move on to create the next best.
Roadmap: Consider online, lateral and design thinking and out of the usual ‘adjacencies’. Bring in the renewed digital context for ‘customer intent’, content, touchpoints, and alternative routes for an inclusive roadmap.
It isn’t easy. Indeed formidable. But the mindset isn’t a boulder, perhaps a frozen block. It thaws. And the pandemic has already been doing its part. So, stay conscious of what have you, what can you and what’s possible.

Take a deep breath. Swing back. Cheer up. We can win!

Well, appreciate your thoughts to help further … … ChangeAhead TM … for employee change enablement!

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