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Competition is a state-of-mind! Marketing is a way-of-life! Happiness is success! Problem with Strategy is that very few get it right, most use fluff! A leader is one who inspires by making a difference in the lives around! Forget about being illegal, we can't afford to be less-legal! Easy to have been born as human, then why it is so difficult to live as a human? You don't have to be rich, royal or irrational; just be a giving person! Connect at the being level, communicate to the soul! Pursue continuous improvements, but persist on innovation! Work where you are celebrated, not tolerated! Get the big picture, but deliver one that is magnanimous! Always remember the word "blame" as "boomerang" To find meaning of your life, just ask what life expects of you? Choices, inturn, create concern. Right strategy helps pick the right choice! We will be far more green, healthy and sustainable if we add 2 spoons of "contentment" to every growth-hungry diet on Wall Street!

Resources you need in the Cloud to be the game changer!

Cloud – the opportunity and the challenge!

A short and fun read …

There is a new type of car in the market – call it CLOUD, modern with state-of-the-art technology capabilities. It is designed as a racing car too. And businesses have been told that they need to get in the car for their journey of serving their customers. And the best thing is they don’t have to pay for the car upfront. They only pay for the distance they drive.

This meant that they need to leave their old Sedan and start driving this new racing car. And the speed limits have been removed when in the new car. So, expect competitors who can race better will beat them in a split second. How to stay in the race? Little choice. This has been so stressful. Hasn’t it been?

Some got in the car enthusiastically. Learned hard way to drive. Paid some traffic tickets initially for mistakes, but ‘somehow’ managed to drive along and to stay in the race – got used to it and doing well. A few got some additional help from trainers (third party system integrators and implementation partners), for the shift and driving along okay. But a few got bewildered with the new vehicle and the ecosystem, rules, and demands, and moved back as they thought their businesses can still afford the old Sedan driving through the backyard and the local lanes. Quite a few are struggling with how to make the shift and counting what all to take or leave.

In all this, the new car makers continue to be very adaptive, and being redesigned to give more joy of driving to a point of nirvana! Add more capabilities – including ultra-sensitive traffic sensors (analytics), high maneuverability (process innovation, automation, and connectivity with other like-minded travelers/partners), deep security, and more, every day.

Now the name of the game is not getting in the car, nor the ability to drive safely, but how to be in the race. Win or Win-win!

This requires new resources. Business-specific capability designers, data insights translators, navigators for adoption, and business value enhancers for growth. Without having such resources, businesses will still face a rough driving experience and traffic along. No. I don’t want to mention roadside troubles, delays, and … huh, the sighs!

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