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Competition is a state-of-mind! Marketing is a way-of-life! Happiness is success! Problem with Strategy is that very few get it right, most use fluff! A leader is one who inspires by making a difference in the lives around! Forget about being illegal, we can't afford to be less-legal! Easy to have been born as human, then why it is so difficult to live as a human? You don't have to be rich, royal or irrational; just be a giving person! Connect at the being level, communicate to the soul! Pursue continuous improvements, but persist on innovation! Work where you are celebrated, not tolerated! Get the big picture, but deliver one that is magnanimous! Always remember the word "blame" as "boomerang" To find meaning of your life, just ask what life expects of you? Choices, inturn, create concern. Right strategy helps pick the right choice! We will be far more green, healthy and sustainable if we add 2 spoons of "contentment" to every growth-hungry diet on Wall Street!

About the Author – Venugopal Chepur

Venugopal Chepur
North Brunswick, NJ USA P: 609-658-3053; email:

Venugopal Chepur is a senior executive and consultant with a broad experience in Business and Information Technology spanning various industries. He has led large-scale transformation initiatives for companies at various stages of their life-cycle, often locating opportunities for growth through strategic business & digital transformation, business development and enterprise solutions, serving World Class Orgs in Leadership and Advisory roles

A foremost believer in continued learning, Mr. Chepur has completed several leadership courses from Cornell University and IBM Institute for Business Value.  He had diverse education with an MBA in Marketing & Finance, an MS in Biology & Economics and a BS in Biology & Chemistry.

A volunteer for spiritual Yoga, he believes in giving, and leadership with humility & resolve!


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