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Competition is a state-of-mind! Marketing is a way-of-life! Happiness is success! Problem with Strategy is that very few get it right, most use fluff! A leader is one who inspires by making a difference in the lives around! Forget about being illegal, we can't afford to be less-legal! Easy to have been born as human, then why it is so difficult to live as a human? You don't have to be rich, royal or irrational; just be a giving person! Connect at the being level, communicate to the soul! Pursue continuous improvements, but persist on innovation! Work where you are celebrated, not tolerated! Get the big picture, but deliver one that is magnanimous! Always remember the word "blame" as "boomerang" To find meaning of your life, just ask what life expects of you? Choices, inturn, create concern. Right strategy helps pick the right choice! We will be far more green, healthy and sustainable if we add 2 spoons of "contentment" to every growth-hungry diet on Wall Street!

humbling moments …

a few kind words here with gratitude and humility …
“For all of Venu’s accomplishments, experience and expertise, he is also the most wonderful person – intelligent, thoughtful, dynamic, talented, and very well-rounded, and more importantly a giving person! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in a variety of capacities for 5+ years now and have been extremely impressed by his ability to do so many things at once – both at strategic and execution level. He is always among the first to volunteer his time and effort to assist those in need. Then he is with you 100% in working through the corrective action as a partner.
I know for the fact that he has re-invented himself several times over, and he is one of the rare breeds that combines the core culture and with latest of technology solutions for business development – both domestic & international. 

If you want a top flight, A-list Executive or Consultant, Venu is the person. If you get a chance to work with Venu, or for him, take it, right away. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to any company that would deserve him! ”  Michael Bluth – 2013 – Intl Executive, Consultant (Former Managing Director of Del Labs)

“I had been the CEO of Verizon Information Services. During my career, I have met few who I would entrust with leadership roles of a company that has become culturally competitive while dealing with technological issues that change at a speed never before experienced. I strongly recommend Venu Chepur with a high level of confidence for all the ‘C’ level or Advisory roles.
Venu is the individual who I highly regard as a leader that can face the challenges of today, tomorrow, and in the distant future comes with a record that cannot be challenged. He has worn many hats and done so with a leadership quality that spans across emerging markets, sluggish economies, and global competition. He is the stakeholder of any company that sees its future as competitive and in need of a leader who challenges the status quo and ready to transform.

Venu will be an asset to any organization that accepts the premise where the definition of leader has changed. As a human he possesses qualities that are rare to find, especially within one individual; and a giving person that can charge your set up with positive energy!   Donato Marinari – 2012 International Telecom Senior Level Executive and Board Member

 “I had the pleasure of working with Venu on a very large and complex consulting assignment. Venu is a consummate professional and exceptionally knowledgeable of competitive pricing strategies, practices and service offerings across the consulting industry. His perspective was invaluable on this project and contributed greatly to a successful outcome with our client. Venu operates with a very high level of integrity and I consider him a valuable business partner. I highly recommend Venu.”  John Doyle – 2010, Managing Partner at LGE Execs, USA

“Venu is one of the best professionals I’ve known and worked with. He has provided strategic assistance to us in two successful client engagements – Business transformation strategy and Evaluation of potential candidates for M&A. His business acumen and experiences both as an Executive and Consultant were immensely valuable. 
Clearly, he is a fund of knowledge, versatile and well-networked in to corporate leadership. And he comes with great work ethic, passion for continuous learning and excellence. I truly believe he is a great individual to associate with, and truly hope and wish to see great future for him.  Jogi Daita – 2009,  President Oxygen Ventures, Harrisburg, PA, USA

Venu is an amazing combination of talent, intellect, energy, enthusiasm, and organization. He helped us merge and optimize our $3B HealthCare, Asset Management & Commercial Real Estate portfolios for repositioning in middle market segments globally. He is extremely professional at bridging technology, solutions and markets. I would recommend him for any high end business challenges.”  Jeff Bloch- 2008, CIT Global Bank, PA, USA

“I had the good fortune of working together with Venu at Unisys building a Global Pricing Framework with Competitive Intelligence for all products, infrastructure and consulting services. Venu is an exceptionally talented strategy leader, combining his in depth knowledge of pricing and revenue models within the customer’s environment with a sophisticated understanding of associated business models, challenges and constraints. He is thoroughly professional, a team player and mentor who listens, is open to alternative ideas, and coaches well. I highly recommend Venu and hope we get the chance to work together again.”   Sidney Kahan – 2007, Sr. Business Manager at Unisys, Blue Bell, P, USA
 “Venu recently accepted an invitation (sent to him through to come and speak to an MBA class at Holy Family University on his experiences with conducting business internationally. Venu captivated the class with stories of his international experience and education abroad. He was patient enough to answer all of the class’s questions in detail and provided the students with some firsthand experience that they would not have learned in a textbook.
Venu is a world class presenter and I would recommend him for other speaking engagements moving forward. Venu, I can’t thank you enough for your time and best of luck in your new position.”
 William O’Donnell – 2007, Holy Family University, PA, USA
“Venu is great to work with and always brings new ideas to the team. He is able to direct broad global and market strategies for his clients.”
Alan Yerushalmi – 2005, President, Fortivision, NY, USA
“Venu is a top tier Executive and consulting professional whose accomplishments in Integrated Marketing and Business Analyses are second to none. He is bright, articulate and freely shares his knowledge with wit and directness. He approaches both life and the consulting process with integrity, knowledge and a can do attitude. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
 Bill Vick – 2005, CEO at Big Biller Publishing, USA
“I have worked with Venu approximately a year. He is one of the brightest, most versatile candidates I’ve worked with. His contributions to the forum in MENG never cease to amaze me. Not only his willingness to share information but the depth and breadth of his knowledge. Venu would be an asset to any company.”
Mary Nurrenbrock – 2004, Owner, Product Management Resources, OH, USA
“Venu worked with me at KPMG. He is smart, savvy, determined, and versatile professional. I know few people who can get so much done and in so many directions as he can. He’s the kind of person you wish to have on your team because not only will he deliver results independently, but will bring the rest of the team up a notch with him.  His professionalism and personal work-ethic made him the right person on the right projects at the right time! It was a pleasure to work with him and value his project management skills and business acumen and consulting expertise.”
 He is fine KPMG material!
Jeff A Graham – 2004, Senior Manager, KPMG, USA
“I worked with Venu as a consultant for 3 years at IBM Global Services. As a result of taking on new challenges in his career across industries and functions, Venu has gained extensive knowledge of current business issues and understands the implications of macro trends for markets. His experience, open mindedness and belief in continual learning make him an exceptional resource.”
 AkwasiOpoku-dakwa – 2004, Brand & Country Manager at P&G, South Africa
“Venu is an insightful, versatile and extremely well-rounded strategic person in so much a pricing guru! He understands the clients needs and is able design business development strategies in a thoughtful and actionable manner.
I’ve worked with Venu and known him for some years now and would recommend him highly to any company looking to hire the best. He is excellent to work with. He is unselfish in the way he helps others and is always professional, motivated and cheerful. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
 Robert Silverman- 2003, Consulting Architect at IBM Global Services, NJ, USA
“Venu is one of the most intelligent professional individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is a strong strategic thinker, with an enthusiastic “can-do” attitude to match. PWC Clients of the Management Consulting Division were highly complementary of his work. I recommend him to any organization that needs high value business transformation consultant.
 Jay Gremillion – 2000, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Washington, D.C.
“Venu has worked for me at NFCL group. He has built our Food SBU ground up, established strategic alliances, channels, managed domestic & international launches, operations with P&L responsibility; led international private label accounts, and turned around our Feeds division.
 I am confident and certain that he will be immensely successful in his endeavors as a professional because of his excellent interpersonal skills and above all “steely” determination to succeed even under extremely trying conditions. Very few have displayed that kind of perseverance!”
 Arun Kumar Dukkipati – 1998, President, AGI Ltd, India

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