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Our Select Client works:

  • For a leading $500M Law firm in New York, redefined their enterprise wide go-tomarket strategy, reorienting their operating model from a case-centric to a customer-centric approach
  • For a Fortune 50 Insurance and Banking firm, helped operationalize digital enterprise by defining digital strategy andimplementing new capability models and process innovations
  • For a global technology firm, conducted a strategic marketing assessment and designed a value-driven global deal pricingdesk
  • For a digital e-learning start-up, defined product strategy and positioning, including defining on of key strategic initiatives to support the vision and market positioning

Business Advisory to Start-ups:

  • I2T2 (Technology services firm)
  • TripSheetCentral (Web-based Truck Business Software)
  • TestAday (Educational App)
  • iRoute (Online Logistics firm)
  • Enterprise Evolver (Enterprise Architecture App)

EXAMPLES from Corporate & Consulting tenure:

  • IBM Global Services
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • KPMG
  • Unisys
  • CIT HealthCare
  • The FAO of the UN
  • The World Bank
  • Trade Administration
  • AIDAB (Australia)
  • Saudi Pan Gulf
  • Foods
  • Al Kabeer
  • Gulf Automobiles
  • NFL Group
  • Chowhan's Group
  • CMR Retail
  • Serock Sheraton Hotels

Case studies in brief:


Strategic pricing, revenue models for JAPANESE Research firm in Exchange Traded Funds
  • Challenge: A New York-based, private equity funded, Japanese firm that wanted to develop a befitting pricing and revenue model for their research products and services and a knowledge portal for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Action: Developed price/value relationship for their portfolios of services and research products, forecast inflexion points that offer pricing opportunities for developing new revenue models and consequent influence on their go-to-market strategies, launch and positioning.
  • Results: Presented plan to the senior management and won complete approval; guided the company through initial launch and introductory plan.

New business model for an INDIAN Retail Chain

  • Challenge: A mid size ($50M) leading retail garment chain stores in India wished to expand business in areas that are closely related to their core.
  • Action: Analyzed strengths in their core business, brand equity and customer equity. Gleaned insights through customer research and determined the types of adjacent businesses to their strong core that would add the most growth, value to their customers, and leverage existing infrastructure, channels. Identified Jewelry as new line of business to add great value and promising opportunity for the spurt of new growth.
  • Results: Presented a new business model to the company board and won complete approval for plan and funding. Architect a business plan to build Jewelry retail line of business; led the company through initial launch and introductory plan to a huge success that resulted in FIVE-FOLD increase in revenues. Such a resounding success that many garment retailers’ country wide have copied the business model and introduced Jewelry product lines countrywide.

Diversification business plan for Food Business for a large SAUDI group

  • Challenge: A multinational conglomerate in Saudi Arabia has sought for a corporate vision with an integrated strategy for its portfolio companies to maximize shareholder value, and wanted to diversify the group in to new lines of growth.
  • Action: Conducted market & economic research in to the region’s market potential, changing resource trends and outlook on the market growth, and articulated a new corporate vision with business cases on various opportunities.
  • Results: Recommended TWO possible options for diversification - IT services and Food (Wholesale, Trade and Retail). The client opted for setting up food line of business (now a multi-million $$ business). Helped the executive team with future-state of business scenarios, and launching the business.

GLOBAL Clients

Global DEAL desk with pricing & strategy for IT/BPO Services

  • Challenge: Setting up a DEAL DESK for a global Fortune 100 manufacturing firm as a post M&A; effort after they have acquired another major IT services firm.
  • Action: Prepared competitive pricing landscape and policy framework for new deals. Established competitive price points for End-User Services and Data Center Services, and pricing strategies & tactics by multiple competitors for multiple types of (standard/non-standard) deals in both Infrastructure and Consulting Services
  • Results: The client has accepted the design, price information, and the framework to set up new DEAL DESK for pursuing global mega deals.

Redesign Subscription model for a GLOBAL Accounting Research Portal

  • Challenge: A global Audit & Advisory Services firm wanted to redesign their Accounting Research Portal with a new revenue model for a larger global audience
  • Action: Researched Taxonomy and captured content requisitions to be monetized; developed Portal strategy with new design for integration of global contents for the US, UK and Rest of the World into a “unified, pay-per-content”; restructured licensing & revenue models for online transactions
  • Results: Re-launched the portal with new promotional pricing that resulted in 7 % increase in licenses.

Market Development Advisory Services in ASIA PACIFIC for a GLOBAL org

  • Challenge: Hired by regional head of the FAO of the UN, set up Market Development Advisory Services unit for the FAO of the UN for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with multi-cultural market segments in Asia Pac with an objective of supporting new product inventions/commercialization and nurturing them for market growth
  • Action: Scope included Market/Consumer Research, New Product Development, and Commercialization and Market Development Strategies for Consumer products commercialized with a concept-to-shelf (some lab-to-land) Food, Fisheries & Agriculture products. Other programs set up were living resources management, live stock assessments and industry statistical data collection etc.
  • Results: Set up the unit with heavy coordination between donor countries, country economic boards and funding agencies. Designed consumer and economic research programs and directed Marker Research Organizations (MROs) and commercialized many products e.g. herbal shampoo, Shark Liver Oil etc for SMEs

US Firms

Pipeline & Demand Creation and Lead-Conversion process for $10M IT Services Company

  • Challenge: A $10M IT & Engineering Services company wished to reposition of its services portfolio and increase sales.
  • Action: Recommended a plan to leverage their core intellectual property and off-shore infrastructures for new offerings, and led the executive team through strategic road map and overall business planning. The scope of work included category and competitive analysis/assessment, developing lead-conversion process, messaging workshops with key execs, practice leaders, and a total tear down and rebuild of all marketing communications, including website, sales presentations, data sheets, white papers, brochures, trade shows etc,.
  • Results: The initiative was very successful and has led to closing 5 new accounts, and business expansion in existing clients. The client was so pleased that that they engaged us in advisory capacity for an extended period of time, including restructuring their off-shore bases.

Vision, Business Model & Growth Strategy roadmap for US HealthCare BPO

  • Challenge: A $50M HR Tech services outsourcing firm desired to explore new lines of business within the services sector and build go-to-market strategy.
  • Action: Assessed core competencies of the company and determined feasible new lines of service and direction based on their strategic relationships, competitive landscape, operational feasibility and financial resources. Prepared Vision, Business development & Growth strategy roadmap to set up Health Care BPO business. Led the CEO and execs through a quantifiable buy/build analysis of strategic alternatives; also identified success stories and potential candidates for acquisition.
  • Results: Client is pursuing the BPO as a new line of business and set up an off-shore support center in Puerto Rico, and is also investigating potential M&A; candidates.

Pre M & A Competitive analysis for a Commercial US Tax Software firm

  • Challenge: A midsize Tax Software firm wanted to explore growth via M&A; and wanted to evaluate and find suitable candidate firms for next steps
  • Action: Evaluated Cost/benefit analysis of acquiring and merging new software companies by measuring hard & soft impacts, technical risks, and the cost of transition and total ownership by each candidate firm given their Financial, Market & Structural advantages and disadvantages
  • Results: Narrowed down to 3 potential candidate firms from 16 that meet the criteria. The client has initiated offer and negotiations with the firms.