Digital transformation

Navigating an uncertain and evolving digital landscape!

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is imminent to every business. In the quest to stay competitive, most have invested in technologies in the digital space to harness Social Media, Big Data, Cloud, Customer experience management, etc. But most are challenged to align technology capabilities at the convergence for ‘customer centricity’ that deals with contemporary disruptions with winning capabilities creating new customer value.

We help our clients evolve as digital enterprise, design processes that build on digital capability models and knowing the customer, their emotions and underlying needs and desires, and follow through various stages of their journey – both online and offline - with remarkable experience.

We also undertake studies to develop digital strategy, customer-centricity and roadmap; evaluate technology platforms and architecture that could help sustain and accelerate customer-centricity, growth & profitability.

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Samprad’s Framework for Digital Enterprise

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Business Transformation

Most businesses think of business model innovation as reinvention with hard radical steps. But most of it can be achieved through Transformation, without destroying current business model. So we endeavor to develop the following capabilities for our clients.

  • Capabilities for creating new customer value, consistently
  • Capabilities for surviving both technology and value-chain disruptions
  • Capabilities for capturing emerging opportunities