Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy

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Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy

Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy are about how technology and business strategies are aligned for integration, improvement and innovation that create new customer value to stay relevant in fast-changing markets.

While there will be initiatives aimed at making 'continuous improvements' that attempt to realize efficiencies and increased profitability, it is critical for businesses to constantly develop new capabilities for evolving their business and operating models. Information Technology and Enterprise Architecture play a key role enabling new capabilities, leveraging IT assets and redefine how services are delivered. A well-crafted IT Vision and Strategy are thus essential. We undertake studies to develop your Enterprise Vision and roadmap, evaluate technology platforms and architecture that could help sustain and accelerate growth & profitability.

Samprad can support a wide range of discipline from IT (Software and Hardware engineering), Business & Systems Analysis, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Project Management with experienced resources.

Our humble story of giving! Since 2005 Venugopal Chepur (founder of Samprad) has been engaged in giving FREE Business-IT Leadership coaching (ask for a brochure fo the course, if interested) to both Unemployed youth and Mid-career professionals in the US and a few globally. He has been a committed volunteer to assist scores of professionals selflessly. This has developed an exclusive network of quality talent. He, along with our other Principals of Samprad has also been engaged in training, consulting work and Leadership Advisory roles for over two decade.