Comprehensive coaching for business-it leadership

Welcome to Samprad Academy

Technology and value-chain disruptions are a new normal. We have set up Samprad Academy to develop 'employability' in the talent to be 'business-ready' and prepare them to drive efficiency and innovation. This is our endeavor towards that goal.

We also recognize that education and training are integral to any business to undertake transformation, survive disruptions and thrive. With roots in education and training for decades, we have created courses designed with unique insights to what it takes to succeed in contemporary environments.

We have created a comprehensive curriculum to serve complete spectrum of students and aspiring professionals from ‘employability’ perspective for those struggling to learn contemporary competencies to succeed with traditional programs, and lead successful careers.

Business-IT Leadership course

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Strategic intent of this course is to prepare participants as professionals from any background to become business-IT leaders well equipped to take on challenges of IT-driven business and future.

Strategy, Innovation and Digital disruption

Our Leadership courses are holistic and imminent learning in Business Strategy, Digital Disruption, Business Development, Finance and Leadership to spearhead a rewarding career!

Business Development & Sales Training

Our coaching focus is on behavior change that makes sales as a means to help customers their goals; coaching and consulting are the delivery mechanisms. With the spirit, we help you achieve lasting impact.

Leadership, Initiative & Soft Skills Coaching

Insights, knowledge and personality development to deal with leadership challenges; in-depth training on how to develop better communication, management, and leadership skills, along with sessions on how to build greater confidence and self-awareness

Project Management Training (PMP Prep)

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The Project Management course is designed to lead the participants to an internationally recognized Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI®); imparts solid foundation of Project management knowledge, which can be productively applied in the workplace.

Strategic intent of our courses is to prepare participants as professionals from any background to become leaders well equipped to take on challenges of the present time disruption-driven markets and future.

We have been imparting our courses to thousands of aspiring students, practicing and aspiring mid-career professionals: CONSULTANTS, MANAGERS, ANALYSTS, ARCHITECTS and LEADERS since 2005 and improved their employability and competences to find gainful employment in multiple industries and verticals for … Winning for Today and Tomorrow!

Our courses have been proven as many aspirants have grown to leadership positions, and also were able to transition from one industry to another!